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Postby Barry » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:28 pm

The Royal Exchange, 14th October 2017

Our Town is one of those plays that I know inside out, but have never got to see on stage. I think endless youtube videos of high schools doing it made me wary, but heck that was my fault. This was a superb production. The play is adventurously low tech, demanding absolutely no production values, no set, no costume, no props, and hear, the royal exchange was perfect. Their usual blurring of the line between the audience and the cast was even more blurred, with some rehearsal tables on the stage on which the cast and actors sat - me being one of the audience there. All storytelling came from the acting and staging, and this lack of set did not hamper things in the slightest. The final scene set in the cemetery, with the dead having no shoes, was heart breaking. But in a week where I did a seven hour talk about the joy of artifice, this piece totally complimented what I had been saying. A joyous, classy evening of pure theatre.
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