Threepenny Opera, and Nightmare

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Threepenny Opera, and Nightmare

Postby Barry » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:58 pm

I saw two productions this week. one a brilliant production of a brilliant musical; the other a thriller whodunit that did not really deliver. Nightmare was at the Garrick, and was given a good looking but rather widescreen set, that seemed rather illogical. Literal but illogical. There was an implausible but convenient odd shaped window centre stage, screaming 'look at me', and sure enough nasty deeds happened behind it. The plot was simply absurd, clunkily wordy, and there were three off stage deaths, but we were denied an baddie being exposed, and no-one really getting their comeuppance. One of the deaths that the plot revolved around, turned out to be incidental. A cheat I'm afraid. And i'm not sure about lightening happening inside a house. But the cast certainly threw themselves into it, and it was all very lurid, but didn't really deliver. I guess to get an audience thrilled on stage is hard indeed.
Threepenny Opera on the other hand, delivered in spades, and still shocks, but oh what a score - great song after great song, put across with such gusto and gorgeous rich orchestrations. The only song that has never worked for me is the finale, the Reprieve song - it never quite explodes as I feel it should, and seems to be lacking in a killer tune. But oh Mack the Knife is glorious and insinuates into your brain. A wonderful lusty production at the Bolton Octagon, getting lots of tuts from some of the audience, and hearty applause from others. But oh it made me want to direct the Beggar's Opera even more.
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