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Murder on the Orient Express

PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:54 pm
by Barry
4th November 2017

I was very much looking forward to this and enjoyed the ride. I did wonder if the designer had stretched the width of the carriages to a beyond impossible degree, but it looked classy indeed. With such a distinguished and large cast, many of them did very little but each had their moment. It was certainly a cold looking film, and a few bits of incorporated action seemed out of place. Some great imagery, though I was confused by a glancingly casual reference to the Last Supper - though I guess any scene that has a dozen people sat upstage of a long table will be immediately likened to the Last supper. Great colours in that scene, and nicely staged. The film, understandably with the talent involved, became more focussed on Poirot and his back story and the moral dilemma he face with the revelations. Is the fact that the train grinds to a halt in an avalanche almost incidental. I guess it happens so that there is a ticking clock - the murder has to be solved before they are on their way and reach their destination. Maybe, but it's a long journey and all the chatting could still take place. It seems an unnecessary incident. But I enjoyed the film and it certainly did not need one critic to describe it as the worst film of the year......