Last rush of culture 2017

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Last rush of culture 2017

Postby Barry » Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:44 pm

December 30th 2017

Heck has it really been so long since I have seen anything? Well I caught a few films with the family over the holidays. Shape of water was very interesting and a merge of several genres, and I didn't even mind the odd Fred and Ginger reference. In context it worked. Stronger was moving, but I would have liked the know more about the bigger picture of the event. Bright was (expletive not allowed), frankly.

A brilliant concert at the Bridgewater hall of the Armed Man was truly exhilarating, not just for the music but for the sheer scale of the event. Our local panto at the Garrick was fun, but I need a change of routines, please. Same routines, different frocks. I went up to darlington to see snow white, and it certainly was white and snowy up there. I had several friends in the panto, most especially Eric potts as the dame.......a force of nature, with so much energy and so warm. Some deliciously naughty moments, but I did like the 'pheasant pluckers' routine that veered into ever more dangerous territory but stayed innocent. And the wicked Queen flying a pterodactyl round the auditorium was fun

I seem to have booked for a good few events already next year, but above all I hope I am responsible for some cultural events..
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