the Lion, thet Witch, The Wardrobe

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the Lion, thet Witch, The Wardrobe

Postby Barry » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:17 pm

West Yorkshire Playhouse, January 20th 2018

Whilst I have never bought this preachy story, this production thrilled and amazed me by its' sheer glorious and unabashed theatricality. Not a speck of literal storytelling to be seen, but instead I was giddy with its' joyous invention, from the train made of suitcases, through the witch rising up through the floor with acres of billowing parachute silk and then dropping down again, to the coronation scene made of outrageous flowered crowns and four loops of rope for the thrones, which saw the children swinging over the audience, whilst huge ten foot flowers were passed over the heads of the audience. And none of this got in the way. And then the puppets, and the dancing - utter joy.
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