Jerusalem and Frankenstein.

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Jerusalem and Frankenstein.

Postby Barry » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:42 am

Looking at the previous postings - how did I get three Madam butterfly's signed in.

Anyway, our Garrick theatre have been brave enough to tackle Jez Betterworth's much lauded Jerusalem, and any production that begins with Maddy Prior singing the Padstow song will work for me. I was, though, recovering from a hideous bug that had laid me flat on my back, and three hours of drug fuelled shouting and ugly people was something that I confess I was not in the mood for, but i'm so glad we did this production. It gave everyone a chance to rise to the occasion, and they did. There was a lot of acting going on, a lot of set going on and a lot of direction going on. That we could put this on was one thing, but for it to be so good was another.

A day later and I was in better spirits and took a friend to see The Royal Exchange's Frankenstein. Now this friend last stepped into a theatre, his only time, dressed as Rocky from the rocky horror show - different take but same source. There's a theme emerging. Yes, the exchange and I have had an uneasy couple of years with me seeing some of their productions as way too deliberately threadbare and ugly, but here they were back on form, with enormous production values, and yet still a gloriously simple and elegant stripped back production. It had everything, fire, water, puppets, sex, gore, tricks, limbs all wrapped up in a profound and very moving story, told with such a clever structure, with several stories and perspectives happening at the same time. A hugely satisfying production, very clearly asking who is the monster. A great creation with the creature and a very moving evening - a perfect introduction to the joys of the theatre for me friend.
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