Mozartania/Two Pigeons

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Mozartania/Two Pigeons

Postby Barry » Sat Jul 04, 2009 9:49 pm

4th July 2009, Birmingham Royal ballet, the Lowry.
It really was straight off the plane, a quick shower, and then to the lowry, and possibly the fatigue and still being so angry from an encounter with an aggressive taxi driver who ripped me off made me not warm to the first piece; Mozartania. I'm afraid I found it rather limp and underpowered, with eleven dancers looking exposed on that huge stage. Nor did the music take off for was Mozart arranged by Tchaikovsky. Mozart never quite does it for me but big Mr T does, except this did seem thin. I was all a bit underwhelmed and started to resent ballet as a form. Silly me. The two Pigeons has been with me for many decades and there have been emotional connections, especially takign ma to see it, but this may be where my birds as metaphors started. It is an extraodinary concept - after Ashton dabbled with a real pony in La fille Mal Gardee that had little to do but be led round the stage and stand there, he now staged a ballet with real pigeons echoing the lovers plight (as they do in screen Play - I didn't actually copy did I?), and had pigeons not only interracting with the two leads at very crucial climatic moments, but also had the pigeons doing their own stuff by themselves. How terrifying that must be for the cast, and tonight they got 95% of it right. They were almost where they were menat to be at the right moment, but oh my, how they compliment that final two minutes and stop your heart - I'm afriad with the long week I have had, and a fair amount of stress, the combination of exquiste musi, beautiful choroegraphy and two pigeons performing, well I'm afraid I did burst into tears - again. When it all comes together, it does it for me! It is a great piece though I do find the design a little dingy. I'd certainly like to do something there, and I thought the score tonight sounded a little thin, but when the gypsy scene took off, it was magnificent, and the horns in the orchestra really made me sit up.
So an evening that was having all manner of resonances for me, about Ma, about seeing this when I was young, about movement, about wings and flight which are going to be taking up my next few months hopefully, about ballet, about animals, about everything really.
But now I am tired.
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