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Postby Barry » Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:47 pm

The Buxton Opera House, July 11th 2009

last saturday it was Messager's Two Pigeons - this saturday it was his operetta Veronique, in a simply gorgeous production by Giles Havergal and conducted by my chum Wyn. No pausing for applause and with inventive simple sets, and elegant costumes and enough risque humour to leave me smiling all the way home......'I'll be lurking in the labelias' making me chortle. Echoes of many other plots from Mozart to G&S and none the worse for that, but it was joyous, and to see it in the exquisite Buzton Opera House....well that was a perfect setting. Opera audiences still wind me up, and I don't understand this obsession of having to have a pcinic before an opera and quaff champagne - or rather being seen to be quaffing champagne. Nonsense I'm afraid. Just give me the show, and when they are as good as this was, I'm more than happy. The first night, so all the team were on stage. Ah, british designers, choreographers and such are definitely a team of lean, manicured goodlooking gents surrounded by other good looking gents....sadly a clique I'll never belong to, though the design tonight could have fallen out of my head, combining images from my Earnest and other shows. It was good though, but they missed a trick with the paintings of the chandeliers, that could have lit up.A lovely evening, with a glorious drive over but a rather spooky drive back in thick fog, and not seeing another car for twenty minutes. The Peaks are not the place to break down.
Veronique had much familiar music but one song about a donkey made m giggle as I had last heard it sung by Hinge and Brackett in the same building.Oh opera....I love it. Please let me work with it again soon.
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