Bronson/Blithe Spirit/Milk

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Bronson/Blithe Spirit/Milk

Postby Barry » Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:21 pm

July 22nd 2009
I've been working late these last few nights (few! Ha!) and have relaxed with a mighty fine trio of movies that I have had to watch in bits, as I well exhausted to sleep. This is hardly doing them justice. Blithe Spirit is an old favourite, full of great acid wit and mischief, but Milk and Bronson are just recent and pretty darn good. Both of them totally surprised me, and will be watched several times. I'm not sure I expected so much theatricality, opera, flesh and daring narrative or such staggering art direction from Bronson, to say nothing of the truly staggering transformation and performance of Tom Hardy. It's odd how in the history of cinema opera and classical music has constantly provided a soundtrack to violence and visceral scenes. And put an opera on the soundtrack and that's usually a cue for slow motion as well. I sense a paper there. And Milk totally engrossed me, and I simply applaud the recreation of the 70's. Both stunning films, and if I find the time I must write more aobut them.

Discuss the merit of opera as a soundtrack to violence. 2000 words by monday please.
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