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Postby Barry » Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:43 pm

The Lowry 12th September 2009

Well this was an odd experience but a highly enjoyable one, but odd all the same. The Garrick have this week been performing Dar's Army with 'Allo 'Allo to come later in the year - two shows I could not see, as I simply don't get the notion of putting tV shows on stage. Watching dinnerladies, at least they had the sense to structure it and adapt it so the evening had an arc, rather than three episodes simple performed as written. But what is odd is that the actors, three from the original tv series and excellent other actors all had to play the TV characters, right down to the vocal and physical tics of the orignals. That's what the audience wanted and that is what they got. They got someone playing Victoria Wood playing Bren, rather than reinventing anything or going back to the text. The are otherways but the audience want to see the familiar and it was not unlike karaoke sitcoms, with the audience muttering the line ahead of the actor. Even more bizarrely, the clapped the actors from the original as they came on but not the others. If it wasn't for the sheer quality and wit of the original I certainly would not have been there. The actors playing Anne Reid and Victoria Wood's characters were excellent. All in all an odd evening but so enjoyable, raising many questions about what theatre is.
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