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Dorian Gray

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:33 pm
by Barry
Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray
The Lowry 23rd October 2009

A packed house oared it's approval for this violent, erotic, shocking, stunningly stage piece, and my the cast deserved it, as did the stage crew for constantly dressing the revolve stage, mainly as the cast were undressing. The wilde story was updated to be about a photographers model, the face of a new perfume, wittily called Immortality, which led to the portrait being a huge billboard that gently weathered over the evening, losing the first letters to become mortal. A nice touch....maybe lost overseas. But the new contest worked enormously well and I cringed as some fo the celebrity moments. Some good nods and pops at popular culture - a jibe at Jonathan Ross, and a lovely scene of the celebrities watching a ballet and we could tell what the invisible onstage dancers were doing by the successive nodding heads. A tremendously erotic and vicious and hornydance between Dorian and the photographer who discovers him, all done with a lens in hand, a photo shoot getting very down and dirty, all the while the photos being projected on to the set. Rich and complex and innovative. Lez B's set was suitably styish as always - a large white photographers studio, with a central photo cove that revolved constantly to see a more seamy side of rotting rusting structure....every time it span there was new dressing. Impressively Dorain smeared blood over the whit, and as it revolved, within seconds the blood had gone. A hard workign crew indeed.
Dorian fell prey and used either sex, but a doppelganger slightly confused me. Even so a great wonderffully staged evening, and this company seemed thrilled to be doing it, even after fourteen or months on the orad with it round the world.
Dance has come a long long way........

Re: Dorian Gray

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 4:47 pm
by Barry

watch this or any of the dozens of clips on youtube and rush to a theatre now.....