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Dean Spanley

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:58 pm
by Barry
November 9th 2009

As usual it takes me a while to catch up with films, and i'm afraid after getting rather allergic to audiences I'd rather enjoy them on DVD, and boy did I enjoy this one. It totally took me by surprise as I'm not sure the trailer gave me any real inkling as to what to expect, but i think this will be a much watched film, if I can get past the climatic dinner party and its revelations without bursting into tears again. A very subtle film, playing its whimsy absolutely straight. All the main characters wer totally honest and open, and Peter o'toole gloriously deranged making his melting all the more heartfelt. Yes I loved it, and enjoyed every twist. I now, of course, want to stage it. In lesser hands this film could have been terrible. I can imagine disney making it with Dean Jones and a lot of special effects. No, this was basically an after dinner story - notice i'm not rising to the shaggy dog story tag. But please do dig this out and cry.

Re: Dean Spanley

PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 10:55 pm
by kli
Yup. Caught this one on cable recently, and did the same crying thing. Loved it. I was wondering why I enjoyed it so much, when the writing credit at the end saying it was based on a Dunsany novel popped up. And I though. "Oh. That's why." :D And yes, deft touch required in the adapting of anything by Dunsany, much like J.M. Barrie. Funniest thing was I caught this at the same time I found a $3 dvd for the Charles Sturridge adaptation of Lassie.