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Postby Barry » Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:16 am

Friday 27th November 2009

So with UP earlier this week, and then this tonight, two very very different uses of CG, and both extremely impressive. Can CG get any bigger or more detailed? But two different examples of storytelling. Yes 2012 raced along for the first half, and yes it was exciting, but then I started to get the giggles. I think when the crack ran exactly through the gap of Adam and God's finger in the Sistine Chapel, that's when the film ost all credibility for me. As I saw the crack, I thought, they are not going to do that are they? And then the Queen and her corgis, and then the flying giraffe, and the saved dog - I'm grateful we were saved the sight of a flying dove in the final frames. Not great storytelling, or rather very very predictable storytelling, but crikey, I'll stand up for the CG artists, not just the enormous destruction but the integration of the CG into the live action. But the last hour I'm afraid was a jumble. A whole huge Ark grinding to a halt because of a small yellow hammer stuck in a cog? Every disaster movie seems to have been referenced in it - I'm hoping that was deliberate. It is an achievement, but.......at least we were also spare Big Ben blowing up and the Taj Mahal. We did get the Eifel Tower being destroyed, but inventively it was the Tower in Vegas. It actually made me want to watch the 50's When Worlds Collide an The Shape of Things to Come, and other such simpler movies. Oh special effects have come along way, and storytelling far more visceral, but a crack through Adam and God's finger......! Mind you I was the only one in the cinema who snorted with contemptuous laughter. So it's just me.
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