Everythng is Illuminated

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Everythng is Illuminated

Postby Barry » Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:41 pm

November 28th 2009

Maybe joyous is the wrong word for the content of the film, but it was joyous to watch such a quirky and poignant and beautifully made film, that really defies any description. Certainy there's a mighty clash of cultures story, a road movie, and an image that needs the film to be unravelled, or illuminated, but it is directed with such stunning visuals (the sunflower scene is truly unforgettable and will stop your heart); each frame flirts with the eccentric and almost falls into fantasy but holds back. It is interesting to see the deleted scenes where they clear launched into fantasy, with Alistair McGowan playing both a Rabbi and Hitler, and a bizarre Oscar scene with such people as Mother Teresa in the audience. Happily both McGowan and such scenes have disappeared from the film which would have destroyed it's understated tone completely. The plot itself needs to keep its secrets but do see this film, and enjoy everything about it, the visuals, the music, the emotion...........and Sammy Davis Jnr Jnr, a mad but gorgeous dog.
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