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Postby Barry » Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:13 pm

The Garrick, December 3rd 2009

The show had a built in disadvantage with me. Someone coming on and saying, however well it is said, 'Good Moaning' is not going to make me laugh the first time. It is certainly not going to make me laugh eight times later. I think I have a phobia of scripts that are all geared up to the delivery of a punchline, and this script sees every character with a punchline, and I'm sorry it does not work for me. Nor does a staging that ignores the great space of the Garrick and sees the actors acting their hearts out but huddled in a cramp space way upstage hidden by an obstacle course of furniture, and yet there's space enough for tumbleweed to roll across undisturbed. Nor did the set make use of the stage. There simply was too much dead space. And, I am on a rant, because once again these TV shows need to be liberated for the stage. You cannot just put the TV or film on stage. There's a whole different language that should be embraced - look at the stage adaptations of Brief Encounter for example. True to the original material and yet made a new creature on stage. It can be done, and inspite of some good energy and fun moments, it was not done. Again. The rather lazy script did not help some spirited performers.
I'll only criticise these shows if I could think of ways to make this work. I can.
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