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Postby Barry » Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:24 pm

CORPSE - January 20th 2010

Two shows to write about quickly, and both good in their different ways. Corpse really is a solid well made comedy murder mystery. I wouldn't call it a thriller as it certainly didn't thrill, but it did involve a certain amount of mental gymanstics just trying to keep up with who was literally who. Very well performed by the cast on not the easiest set as there were dozens of doors, cramped spaces, props and steps to manouvre around at great speed, and I do think that i might have made more of the whole raison d'etre of the play which was to have one actor playing two parts and teasing the audience with thinking both were on stage at the same time. I have to say this was a bit clunky here and the timing so very way off. I would definitely have tried to have blurred the line between who the audience saw and who they didn't, but that would have needed more liason with the set and direction. The audience were slightly laughing at the obvious trick rather than with it. A terrible false arm did not help at all. The Royal Exchange managed to have the same actor apparently on stage in two places brilliantly in Ring Round the Moon, and the Desmond Barritt Comedy of Errors at the RSC had him playing both Antipholus', and yes there were two of them on stage at the end. Very clever. And i think we managed the end of Turn of the Screw very cleverly to have a dead Miles, and a ghost Miles on stage together. It can be done, but needs some real theatrical panache. No fault of the actors in this production but the theatricality inherent in the piece wasn't really capitalised. However it was a good fun evening, and you certainly had to pay attention otherwise you would have been submerged in plot. A clever piece of writing.
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