Around the World by Zeppelin

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Around the World by Zeppelin

Postby Barry » Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:19 pm

BBC 4, february 7th 2010

Once again BBC 4 comes up with not just a hidden gem, but a television programme of such quality, that it engrossed me instantly, and forced me to put everything down and give it my attention - to get me to sit down for 90 minutes and not multi-task is an achievement indeed. A beautifully made film, drawing on documentary footage and diaries, that truly had everything - tension, a tender but thwarted romance, history, politics, a stowaway, a dog, drama. danger, eccentrics, amazing technical achievement, folly - as I said 'everything'. Very sensitively directed. Aware of being a cliche, with so much substandard on television this really was television at its best. Informative, entertaining and simply enthralling. Well done to everyone. I now, bizarrely, want to adapt it for the stage. I'm not quite sure why I was so moved. Sure enough the footage was extraordinary - where has that been hiding all these years - but it was marvelling at this huge huge technical and significant achievement, and then at the same time feeling uncomfortable at the sheer monumental folly of all that work to take a few privileged people on a jaunt round the world. There was the melancholy of knowing that everyone in the footage is dead, and that whole period gone, and the hindsight of knowing the Depression was lurking.
So much was excellent about this documentary, and i could watch that iconic shape gliding through the skies forever. Some of the images its shadow formed were so full of resonance. An achievement, yes, but by no stretch of the imagination could it be called practical.
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