A book - if you want to understand my films.....

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A book - if you want to understand my films.....

Postby Barry » Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:13 pm

Flicking through various articles about my films on the internet, i saw a book with a passing reference to achilles and sent off for it. It arrived this morning, and the passing reference was in fact a whole chapter dedicated to Next, screen Play, Rigoletto, and Hamilton Mattress. the author couldn't find Gilbert and Sullivan, which is a shame as I think, judging from this chapter, she would have had a field day. The book is an extraordinarily complex look at sexual subtext; it's called Queer Cineam in Europe, edited by Robin Griffiths, and I seem to represent animation, and am the only animator referenced, which is flattering. This chapter is by Aylish Wood, and has managed to vocalise what was going on in my head as I wrote these films. I'm enormously touched that she has taken the films seriously and acknowledged the different layers going on. She is particulary astute about my always having characters watching other characters, and the role playing, which are certainly obsessions of mine. She manages to read more profound pyschology that perhaps I overtly intended but nevertheless it came from me. She has great fun with Achilles, but also with the other films, and surprisingly with Hamilton Mattress. What she talks about in such depth is all there, even if I never quite overtly thought about it. Yes, she's have fun with Gilbert and Sullivan. I wonder what she would make of Feather, as there is no relationship in that, well actually there is. now she's got me at it. But it is good to be taken seriously and for others to realise that these things are not just bunged together. Much, and i mean much, thought goes into them. I will see if I can copy it out, as it really is a very interesting read.
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