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Postby Barry » Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:57 pm

Sale G and S, at the Garrick, February 27th 2010

Well I know the limitations of such a company as they have no permanent home, so they have to hire scenery, and my heart did sink to see painted woods and a rather inocuous painted Houses of Parliament, with no imagination or theatricality or anything, but you know what, it won me over. I'm still not sure why most amateur performers go into a sing song vocal pattern with way too many syllables and much vibarato - well I do know why, but let that pass. And why do we have to have three encores, I know the aswer to that as well, but let that pass. However, there was some wonderful singing, and the orchestra sounded great, and it just went with it and had a great time. Sure there was not one iota of thought into what this piece is about, and it may well have been enough to let Gilbert and Sullivan do the talking, but after the wonderfully fresh Ruddigore ealrier this week, it doesn't have to be bogged down in tradition to work. More ways to skin a cat and all that. But I did enjoy it, and Allison was a lively and impressive Fairy Queen. For an opera called Iolanthe, Iolanthe is not on stage that much.
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