El Espectro del bosque, by Andrés Borghi

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El Espectro del bosque, by Andrés Borghi

Postby Borghi » Wed Apr 26, 2006 4:53 am

Hello Barry! My name is Andrés and I met you a few days ago when you were here in Argentina. That was a great conference you did here! I had so much fun there!

I still can't believe i shaked hands with the guy that made screenplay...

im making this topic to show you a work i made the last year. Its called "El espectro del bosque" (the spectre of the woods) and its made in after effects, with hand-made pencil images.

this is the url:


(it will download directly)

I hope you enjoy it!

(by the way, its in spanish, and the only word they say is "Felicidad" ("Happiness"))

Oh! i forgot. heres a picture of you here after the conference. those there are my friends and I (im the first in the left)
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Postby Barry » Wed Apr 26, 2006 6:05 pm

Hi andres, and thanks so much for sending that link, and for some reason it won't open. It got to downloading 99% and that stopped...several times. I was getting all excited. Perhaps there is another way of sending it.
I had such a great time in Buenos Aires and hopefully the audiences enjoyed what I showed. i enjoyed myself at the masterclass. If there is anything you want to ask about animation.....please do so in the forum here and we can get a lively chat going. You would be surprised who is in here, in disguise.
all the best
thanks for the photo.....
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Postby Borghi » Thu Apr 27, 2006 12:17 am

mm... strange.... i downloaded it from the same url and worked....
maybe its the pc youre using or your connection, or something like that...
aniway, i uploaded it again, this time inside a RAR archive:


if it doesnt work either, tell me if you have some idea on how to send it. It is ulpoaded in the emule net also, but sometimes its very slow. In any case, here's the E-link for that:


OH! I remember some guy i dont know downloaded it from emule and uploaded it to his personal page or something... Saddly, its like missing frames in that page upload and its not the best image or sound quality, so i would recomend this page only if its the last option. aniway, the link is this one:


Good! I'll surely ask if I have a question or any animation doubt, so thanks!. Looks like very talented people navegates this place. Ill keep making animation shorts with the same technique of this one i posted, so, i hope you can see it and tell me if its nice (be carefull... its supposed to be a horror film....).

and if you cant see it, I could try by sending it by e-mail, compressed in several Rar files.

(its a pity the photo got a little out of focus...even with flash!)
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Postby Richard » Wed May 03, 2006 10:23 pm

Hi there Andres. I wached your film the other day and really liked it. I found it very eery and it kept me in awe, particularly towards the end. Was everything hand drawn first and then composited using computers? Well done.
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Postby Borghi » Thu May 04, 2006 2:41 am

Hi Richard! thanks! im really happy that you liked the film.
youre 100% right: it was all hand drawn in pencil and then scanned and composited using PC.

thanks again!
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