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Useful Tips...smoke

Postby Barry » Mon Feb 28, 2005 5:13 pm

Here's a snatch from some mails Elodie and I were having as a result of the workshop in Brussels


> Here's Elodie... i don't know if you remember me but i was at your workshop in Brussels for the Festival of Anima.

> I do first apologize for my english, i remember you that i 'm french and you know what people says about french people talking in english... but i hope you'll understand.

> Actually i am working on a short in animation with puppets in clay. And of course we meet lots of problems but it's very interesting to try to find solutions (make patched-up jobs!!!). But i wanted to have your advice about something that seams a bit difficult to do in stop-motion: smoking a cigaret. I thought that smoke can be made in cotton wool but when the smoke comes out of his mouth.... i don't know!

> I hope you can help me on this and you can answer me as quickly as you can (because we are shooting this week).

> Thanks a lot...and thanks for all your advices during the workshop, it is so precious and so useful!! (i really realize it today!).

> Elodie

Hallo and great to hear from you. Have you seen the photos that Jean-Luc took...there is a link to them on my website. i am glad you enjoyed the workshop. I enjoyed it enormously. You were all a great bunch.

Ok, problem solved..... I suggest you get a piece of glass and put it between the camera and the puppet, and at a bit of an angle. Make sure it is very very secure and will not wobble. Hang some black fabric in the area that it might reflect. You can then draw on the glass where you want the smoke to come from, and animate it each frame, making sure you look through the camera or monitor to make sure it is lined up properly. I have done this many times. I use a crayon called 'chinagraph' that can draw on glass or metal. This should work very well as the smoke will be slightly 'soft' or out of focus and transparent. You will get a much nicer animaion than using cotton wool.
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