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Postby Barry » Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:45 pm

Just as I was literally inserting a picture of Morph into chapter three of the new book, I heard of the sad death of Tony Hart. Well I owe him a huge debt, and I suspect many of us do, for making art friendly, accessible, and seeing art in absolutely any material. And of course, without Morph, where might any of us be now. If Morph had not led onto bigger things and bigger profiles, who knows where things would have gone. Morph was certainly a huge catalyst. But Tony H gave art, and art for all, a huge credibility, and getting a picture displayed in the Vision On Gallery was as prestigiuous as a Blue peter badge. Hands up who can hear the music for the gallery now.
Thank you Tony for so much. You inspired so many of us to be creative.
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Postby Kerry » Sun Jan 18, 2009 10:42 pm

When at school the main priority in reports and parents evenings was how well (badly) I was doing at Maths and English. I loved doing art - obsessed with doing art. This wasn't really understood - except by Tony Hart. Each week he spoke to me and I spoke to him. He made my world real and having a purpose. He was just great. I loved Morph and everthing about it.

Sad day - but very grateful for their being a Tony Heart! x
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