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Postby Barry » Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:28 pm

April 18th 2009

On the way home down from Edinburgh today I called in to see Purves Puppets. For years I have been confused with them, and never met, nor was I sure exactly where they were. Where was Biggar after all? But suddenly driving through the village today there was this sign for Puppet theatre. How could I resist? I didn't. I drove down a lane heading towards some brathtaking views of spectacular hills, and there was this very lovely house with a theatre attached. All a bit like Glyndebourne but with puppets. And so after all this time I meet Purves Puppets - Ian, Jill, Vickie and Colin - a wonderful hospitable family who look after the whole concern. Puppets everywhere. They took me into the purpose built theatre and how thrilled was i? S gorgeous intimate auditorium with a proscenium based on toy theatres, and with boxes all along the side decorated with beautifully carved Commedia figures. I sat there, and jsut for me, they dimmed the lights and the ceiling illuminated with a million twinkling stars. So exciting. I was giddy. the curtain rose and there was the set and furniture for a Three bears story, and Vickie gave me a fantastic private short show. They use ultra violet which renders the operators in black totally invisible allowing for the puppets to look free standing. I loved it. The whole place had a great atmosphere. Sunshine, delicious cakes, great company, puppets, gorgeous views....what a lovely afternoon.
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