The Rite of Spring - Ballet Boyz

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The Rite of Spring - Ballet Boyz

Postby Barry » Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:00 am

BBC 3 - December 23rd 2009

Well that was an exciting piece of television that had me spontaneously applauding at the end. Taking several groups of very diverse dancers, from ballroom to street, to tango, to hip hop, to pole, and then uniting them through that great visceral score makign an equally visceral dance piece, all dressed in S&M chic. It was good to see the clearly defined groups pushing themselves into other territories. Magnificent, though the only thing that did not ring true was the audience joining in with hand gestures. Sorry that was very naff and horrid, but the whole thing got me wanting, as always, to do the same with animation; bring different diverse groups together, whether it is techniques, or colleges, or countries, to make one film. I have numerous ideas of course, and it has been done - there have been several portmanteau films all linked by a common theme or restirction, but crikey I could do something special there. Back to the Rite of Spring, there was a chunky black dancer doing things I certainly had not seen before. Amazing.
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