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Postby Barry » Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:22 am

NINE - December 29th 2009

The last time I applauded in a cinema, especially as a gut reaction and not trying to be smart or clever, was in a screening of Singin' in the Rain in new Zealand six years ago. a spanking new digital print and the audience just clapped as it felt right. A small group of us tonight clapped first at the end of the Overture Belle Donne and then almost stood and cheered after Be Italian. I have long loved this show, and have always wanted to direct it myself, but I think it will be a while before anyone realises it so well. The use of the metaphorical film studio, the artifice as truth, has seldom been done so well. The film is a natural descendent of Cabaret, and is far superior to the very tricky, way too kinetic Chicago. The segues between the different layers and the counter comments had been so clearly thought through and neither interrupted nor jarred. The set of Guido's 'mind' was gorgeous, and the real life, with all it's nods to Italian cinema very vividly planned. The performances were so honest and painful, especially during Marion Cotillard's My Husband Makes Movies - heartbreaking. I wished they had left the character's other great song, Be On You Own in but they gave her Take it All which was good. So much class and sophistication, and, as I said, a great example of using the change of perspective, the artifice, to say what can't be said naturally. At the end of Be Italian we were just exhilerated. A great evening with good chums enjoying it as much as I was, all enjoying the story for the first time. It does seem to be one of these shows for collectors, with only a concert and a short run at the Donmar for the UK. Now I fear we will see many stage versions all based on the film.
I just want to watch it all again now.
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