Alice in Underland.

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Alice in Underland.

Postby Barry » Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:23 pm

Alice in Underland......March 27th 2010

As thus it should have been called. What to make of this? I went with a friend who rather amazingly had never read the Alice books, and was, to quote Mary and Max, confuzzled. And I who know the books inside out, though not as well as Wind in the Willows, am equally confuzzled. Some scenes of such imaginative genius, and scenes, such as the Queen interrogating the frog footmen about the tarts, that just worked so well, but I can't say I was enthusiastic about the Narnia/Rings aspects. let alone the dancing. But I sat there for most of the film with my jaw on the floor, marvelling at the design (with lovely background touches referencing absent characters such as the Gryphon - I was hoping for the walrus and the Carpenter somewhere, and the caucus race, and the tears), and the sheer technology that totally convinced me HBC's head was that big, as it certainly moved the clothes around her. The join was seamless. Crikey technology is amazing now, and it really is hard to knwo what you are looking at. But I missed the cards looking like cards, and pig and pepper, though the warm pig idea is lovely. And of course Alice's clothes wouldn't necessarily shrink with her, and of course there would be a lot of heads lying around - great touches. The 3D was convincing but is it a result of the process that things necessarily look dark and murky, or bleached out? I'm all for reinventions and new perspectives of classic stories, especially when they illuminate the subject, but the one I warm to most of all the Alices is Dream Child, with a grown up Alice giving a talk about her experiences to the Oxford dons. The Henson creatures were astonishing, but then even those I fear might look cumbersome by the agility and animation of CG characters today.
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