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Postby Barry » Thu May 27, 2010 6:17 pm

Altrincham Garrick, 27th May 2010

Sometimes I am truly taken aback by the vocal and musical skills of the Garrick....there's an irony that some of those who do not get paid for performing are actually so much better than some who do get paid for performing elsewhere. As in so many professions recieving a payment is not a validation of your actual skills.There were several on that stage tonight who could easily earn a living from performing, and I hold my hand up in admiration there as my vocal and musical skills are legendary - in the bad sense. But a joyous band that for once did not outblast the company. It was great to hear nuanced harmonies crystal clear. But I'm afraid I don't hold with the nonsense of hand held mikes anymore, when they kill the acting, losing an arm, and when discreet mikes work so well. Nor do I hold with doing something the same because it was done like that last time. Personally if I was to revisit a previous production I'd jump up and down at the chance to do something new and different, especially as the themes of this production; music, sci-fi, and Shakespeare are constantly being reinvented each year.
Full marks to the cast and band though.
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