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Postby Barry » Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:54 am

The Bridgewater Hall, 7th February 2011

Oh dear I am nearly two weeks late with this, and in a just a few lines, I really can not do justice to this magnificent, warm, sexy, witty and uplifting band. They have been a huge and very personal part of my life since the 80's. I can't remember whether my sister first introduced me with an album, or whether it was the film Malcolm, but from the first ntoes it was a life long love affair. The ballet, as anyone who knows me will understand, is a constnat source of joy and tears to me, and the music - well it is so hard to describe the music, and to some extent, I resented the full house at this concert, as I feel so possessive about it - but then so did the 2000 other people there. If you do get the chance to hear them, or buy their albums, do. This concert was probably the best i have seen from them - utterly joyous and eccentric and the music played with such precision and warmth, and it is very intricate complex music. Arthur, the son of Simon Jeffes, is as charimatic and cheeky as they come, and sports a natty waistcoat, fronting the whole evening as if talking to close friends - and is some way we all were. The music has that bonding effect.

Oh to work with them one day........
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