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Super 8

Postby Barry » Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:01 pm

August 25th 2011

Well I was practically alone in the cinema for this one, but I enjoyed it. It had such a good premise, and it's plot worked like clockwork. A few queries - if the creature was being taken away somewhere, and escaped, it was certainly a quick and nimble worker to have constructed that lair and the machinery within in only a few hours/days. And what I thought would be the big maguffin, the yellow box containing the footage of the train crash played a surprisingly low key part in the film and really did not get invovled in the plot at all. I liked the slow reveal of the creature, though I don't think I could sit down and draw it - how many legs did it have for a start. beautifully played by the youngsters - utterly believable. And they must have had a much better Super 8 camera than I did as mine certainly did not have sound. But a darn good yarn, delivering on the action stakes, but not necessarily the tension stakes. The creature was remarkably won over in the big confrontation scene, and there wasn't quite enough of screaming at the goverment/army for engineering a big conspiracy.
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