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Postby Barry » Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:18 pm

Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy - September 18th 2011

Well I admit to having missed the BBC series, but I was eager to catch this, mainly because of a cast of favourites, and what a might fine piece of film making it is too. OK I'm not sure I could write down every detail and every twist and turn of the plot, but I was breathless and the way every element of film making was so superbly used to tell the story. So much beautiful and often ireelevent detail, all adding to the menace. Some jaw dropping photography - a sequence of a plane landing had me wanting to cheer in the cinema. My favourite moment was when a characer was introduced as a bee keeper - half noticed in the car journey that followed is a single bee, which has a nice pay off. And then the owl....oh what was that about. stunningly restrained perfromances by the cast, but watch out for the boy, who will break your heart. The whole last ten minutes was very moving indeed. Great used of depth of field throughout, and a very limited colour palatte, and the best use of wallpaper since The Kings' Speech. A very tense film, reeking in atmosphere, almost ruined in our cinema by a popcorn,doritto chomping phone using couple behind us. This is not a popcorn movie by any definition, as they found out, leaving half way through, and leaving a veritable feast of food on their seats. Sometimes, you just ask 'why?' What did they think they were coming to see.
A tremendous, thoughtful, thoroughly British film. Please don't let the Americans want to remake it. Great to have an evening where you have to engage with the film.
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