The Play that goes wrong

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The Play that goes wrong

Postby Barry » Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:23 pm

The Lowry, June 9th 2017

I'd not caught up with the Mischief theatre company plays until now, and was always nervous about seeing Play That Goes Wrong as I have such affection for Noises Off. That is a true masterpiece, and I did wonder how play would work without the backstage layer, but work it does, and from the off you are aware this is the first performance of Cornley musical theatres' production. And boy does it go wrong, with ever increasing physical slapstick that is timed with such precision. But not just slapstick but some gloriously clever word play - a scene where they get stuck in a loop of dialogue and can't get out had me in stitches, and a similar one where they lines are out of sync. Joy. But I was impressed too by the engineering of the set - sure I expected the flats to fall, but hadn't expected a huge balcony to teeter, and then teeter some more and end with a wonderful pay off. Even after weeks of touring, this seemed as fresh as anything, and pure bliss.
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