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Postby Barry » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:48 pm

Ah and I forgot this at the end of June, at the Royal exchange. There is a directorial trend in theatre of stripping plays of any historical decoration and period costumes, and indeed this was performed on a moving white slab, where gallons of foam and the cast in swimming costumes conjured up the characters' trip to the sea side. I have had similar approaches with my productions, and our design for Romeo and Juliet had a bit of this, but here a decision had been made that not a prop nor a single piece of furniture was necessary, and that the cast would sit and watch and jump into the action as and when. All well and good, but now with the Royal exchange such defiantly stripped back productions, such socially relevant, such hiply scored, and such obstinately anti-traditional productions are now so predictable and obvious and boring. It's funny to think how much detail they might have thrown on such a show a few decades ago. This was an ugly, innovative production, and I simply hated the unused floor space being filled with ugly cables and speakers...if there is one theatre where the actors should not need mics it's that one. I'm all for innovation but I am all for innovative innovation.
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