A Chorus Line

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A Chorus Line

Postby Barry » Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:39 pm

A chorus Line - Meighan Youth Theatre Sale Waterside August 5th 2017

A production of young amateurs, created in eight days, and it didn't show. This was simply the best production of Chorus Line I have seen, and I have seen a few. 35 dancers filled the stage, and every character was detailed and clear. Joe, the director, used the dancers who had been rejected, in various scenes throughout the piece, and this was effective, watching Mr Carp's famous bobsleigh class acted out. But oh those last five minute are musical heaven. A huge well done to everyone. Still never as fond of Cassie's big number as I should be, but I love the Happy at the Ballet section - beautifully structured. Paul's monologue is brilliant but long. The whole show is a masterpiece really, so well structured, especially just as you think you know what is coming next, it surprises you or changes the format. A singular sensation indeed.
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