Sunseet boulevard again.

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Sunseet boulevard again.

Postby Barry » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:39 pm

November 3rd 2017, Palace Theatre Manchester.

I'd only seen the English National Opera's behemoth version of this with Glenn Close last year and mightily enjoyed it, but this was something different, darker, slicker and altogether more complete and satisfying - and utterly thrilling. ria jones had been the original norma all those years ago in the workshops, and here she won the part back, and whilst she was every inch the star, full of great detail and twisted warmth, it is not actually her story but Joe's and Danny Mac strode round the stage like a loose limbed panther, using every inch of his spectacular body. What a great pair they made. A great production with gorgeous design by Colin Richmond, acknowledging both the pressures of touring and audiences' expectation but coming up with something so fresh, something almost inside the head of Joe, something that slickly fell to pieces as the character's lives became more and more fragmented. The use of the staircase was perfect - there were the iconic moments but also the staircase became many other things. A gorgeous fluid space. A sexy, dark show - so glad to have seen it. And thank you to the generosity of Ria Jones for replying at length to my rather giddy facebook message.
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