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Wolf Hall

Postby Barry » Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:47 pm

Sunday 5th November 2017 - the Garrick
How amazing that the Garrick can take on these epics, and we do seem to have done every tudor piece going, except the Shakespeare. And my the costumes were spectacular with a gorgeous palette of reds and golds and a few blues. Tremendous detailed costumes indeed. I would have liked a bit more theatricality in both the set and the staging, as, as written, it is a very theatrical piece, and was slowed down by being so literal, and many plot moments disappeared by the lack of theatricality - the death of Cromwell's wife must have either gone unnoticed or confused most of the audiences. Shame, as it is a great moment. And I wish the dancing had had a bit more oomph - heck these characters didn't get much chance to flirt and here they were holding hands, and cleavages running riot. It was a bit staid - mind you our trusty critic, always on the ball, praised the Elizabethan dancing. Erm, dear critic, just think about the plot for a moment.
But it is good we can do such huge shows, and the rehearsals were hampered by the enormous cast not always being in the same room on any one night, but a bit more energy and theatrical flair would have stirred this up nicely.
A few accidents along the way as well with falling columns and such.
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